Payment setup for tenants

With Lighthouse, tenants can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their rent is collected securely, setting up auto payments, and paying one-time fees with the press of a button.

Connecting your bank account

To start paying the rent, simply press on the “Link Payment Method” on the main app screen.

It is important to note that we at Lighthouse put your privacy first. We follow all PCI compliance and federal regulations for your security and work with leaders in data and banking security to ensure that your data is completely safe during this entire process.

To connect your bank account, you will need to choose your bank, enter your account’s credentials and choose between a checking or savings account.

Activating Autopay

o set up the automatic rent payments, click on the “set up Autopay” on the main screen. Then you will need to choose the bank account you would like to link, enter the payment amount and the rent’s due date.

Now you can put one worry behind you. Your rent will be processed right on time: no hassle, no contact, and no extra fees.