We Offer Security Deposit Insurance So Tenants Can Keep Their Cash

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Lighthouse Security Deposit Insurance

Partnership with Topa Insurance

Lighthouse security deposit insurance is an affordable way for tenants to lower their initial move-in costs and alleviate some of the financial pressures of moving into a new home. As a result, landlords can reduce their vacancies by enabling a wider pool of applicants to afford more housing options.

Security deposit insurance replaces the traditional model of a lump sum cash deposit upon move-in. Instead, tenants pay an affordable monthly premium that covers unpaid rent and excessive damage to the property. This way, tenants can more easily afford the cost of moving in, while landlords can protect their investment.

Benefits of Security Deposit Insurance

For Property Managers

Get comprehensive coverage on your properties while boosting occupancy rates. Our coverage protects you against excessive damage and unpaid rent, so you can lower your move-in costs and lease faster.

For Renters

With security deposit insurance through Lighthouse, your cash stays in your pocket! Tenants no longer have to worry about coming up with a security deposit or having it returned at the end of their lease.

Curious to see how it works? Check out our calculator!

Why pay $1000 in cash when you can pay $7/month for a policy.

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Lighthouse Property Management Solutions

Through the Lighthouse software, property managers can complete background checks and tenant screening at the touch of a button. Additional features include rent payment automation, and automatic summaries for bookkeeping and tax purposes.