For Landlords

Losing vital paperwork just became a thing of the past.

Lighthouse keeps track of your collected and outstanding payments, all in one place. But that’s not all. You get automatically generated monthly summaries for bookkeeping and taxes.

Track income for each property

Landlord bookkeeping with Lighthouse is a breeze. No more checking through bank statements to see who paid what when. Everything’s stored on the Lighthouse app so you can see your rental income as a whole and as a breakdown. And it’s not just regular monthly rental income. Lighthouse will also automatically track security deposits if you allow tenants to use them for their final month in your property. Cancellation fees are also tracked as income.

Track expenses for each property

Why is this so important? A huge number of landlords don’t do their bookkeeping until tax season. These landlords don’t notice how expenses like utilities, advertising, and loan interest creep up. Then they realize that their properties weren’t so profitable after all. Not so with Lighthouse bookkeeping for landlords. Because you can see expenses versus income instantly, you always know how profitable your portfolio is. And you can break it down by property, so you can see which properties are making you the best returns.

So Long, Piles of Paperwork

Getting ready for tax time? Tired of traditional bookkeeping for property management? Going digital with Lighthouse is the best decision you’ll make for financial years to come. 

Lighthouse’s digital bookkeeping for landlords lets you download a full history of your income and expenses. Sort by property or by your entire portfolio. Keep your property business in top shape.

Assign special tax categories

Quickly and simply keep track of what type of income falls under which tax category. This could be different types of interest like for mortgages, or credit cards. Additionally, it could be insurance or legal services. Lighthouse’s dedicated bookkeeping for property management software makes it a breeze.

Add Your Own Notes

Lighthouse landlord bookkeeping allows you to personalize your records to ensure the accuracy of your portfolio. Did something out of the ordinary happen? Just add a note. Then when you check back in months or years to come everything will still be clear.