For Landlords

Manage maintenance requests anywhere, at any time

Create and receive maintenance requests for all your rental properties at the touch of a button. 

Organization that helps you prioritize

No more scrolling through old messages on your cellphone to keep track of who needs what!

Lighthouse landlords love having a perfectly organized schedule of maintenance requests on one page. It’s easy to keep track of when it’s all in one place, and easy to prioritize too. You can mark urgent tasks as high priority and get them done faster.

And then you can share the maintenance requests individually or all together with a specialist. Landlords who receive emergency maintenance requests from tenants find this app functionality invaluable. Why? Because at the touch of a button you can see the progress of the job.

And when the job’s done, you can see it’s closed on the screen. Then you know you can relax knowing that everything’s safe, clean and in working order.

Learn more about communicating with your tenants using Lighthouse here

Ready for anything, anywhere

Leaky faucet? Water damage after a storm? You’re busy and so are your tenants. Now you can exchange media attachments with tenants and see exactly what the problem is.

Imagine your tenant needs emergency maintenance. Get photos and videos of the leak or infestation and share them with a specialist directly. Your tenant sends you a video of the leak and you send it to the plumber directly. Done.

And all this means you can assess the maintenance issue in minutes without having to visit the property. Right now, do you have to drive around your properties to check out and handle problems? Think of how much of that dead time you’ll get back when you use Lighthouse.

Because everything’s right there on the app, you can update your tenants about maintenance issues in seconds. As a result, Landlords who use Lighthouse experience better relationships with their tenants. And after all, happy tenants renew their leases year after year, meaning less hassle and expense for you.

Easy sharing for faster service

Whether it’s general apartment maintenance or emergency maintenance, you won’t be waiting around. Lighthouse lets you share maintenance requests with anyone on your contact list, so it’s easy to get the job done.

Take regular apartment maintenance. It’s time to replace your tenant’s air filters and test the smoke detectors. So you just send out a maintenance request to the relevant specialist, and they take care of it.

Specialists can easily see which of your properties need apartment maintenance on the app. Have emergency maintenance tasks too? Then you can mark which issues are high priority for the specialist to organize accordingly. Everything’s simple, clear and in one place.