For Landlords

Keep in touch with your tenants using in-app messaging

All your interactions in one place means efficient workflow and more time to yourself.

Streamline Messages from Tenants

You don’t want 24 hour communication from tenants via emails, text messages and calls, do you? With the Lighthouse app everything’s in one place.
Streamline Messages
Create Alerts

Create alerts for property updates

When you send your tenants a message they get an instant alert on their phones. And they get an email supporting the alert too. So now you won’t have to wonder when your tenants will see your communications, or whether they’ve read them.

No more mass emails

Where was that tenant’s email address? Or maybe we communicated by text message until now… No more. Not with Lighthouse. All your tenants’ messages are together on one screen. You’ll never have to hunt around for information again.

Making a change across the board? Sometimes landlords need to raise the rent or tell tenants about maintenance. Now you’ll be able to make announcements to all your tenants at once. At the touch of a button you can choose who to include and make the announcement at once.

No more frantic phone calls

Lighthouse has a neat feature where landlords and tenants can see the progress of maintenance tasks. So your tenants will be able to check it when they open the app.

And this means no-one’s going to call you to see when the boiler’s going to be fixed. You won’t miss those late night calls, we promise.

Just Simple, Instant Communication

In less than a minute, you can give tenants notice of a maintenance job, or notice of the end of their tenancies. Unlike text messages on your phone, messages from all your tenants are grouped together.

Accordingly, it’s so easy to keep track of should any of your tenants require a follow-up. And remember, tenants will receive automatic reminder messages from Lighthouse if they’re late paying their rent.

No more post-it notes

Maybe you’re still spending time visiting properties regularly. And what a lot of landlords do is leave a friendly post-it note with an update for their tenants.

But legally, a post-it note won’t get you far if you have to prove something down the road. Having everything in writing easily accessible will.

No more post-it notes
Exchange photos

Exchange photos of maintenance issues

Just ask your tenants to attach a photo of the problem, it will be much faster than going to the property in person. And then you can send that photo on to the specialist who’ll be doing the repair job. It’s all organized neatly for you on the Lighthouse messaging app.

Remind Me, Who Was That?

Your tenants on the Lighthouse App are automatically linked to the property they’re renting. So when Dave sends you a message, you won’t have to work out which Dave it is. Lighthouse is so much better than relying on emails, calls and text messages!

For more information about communicating with tenants on Lighthouse, take a look at our guide here.