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Easy & secure online rent collection

Collect rent effortlessly from your tenants and receive it as soon as 2 days later.

Hassle-free rent collection

With Lighthouse you can collect rent on autopilot, which means getting more of your payments on time.

Online Rent Collection FAQ’s

Your security and privacy is our top concern. So with this in mind we follow the PCI compliance and federal regulations to the letter. Our partners are leaders in banking and data security, and together we ensure that your data is 100% safe.


Firstly, Lighthouse only works with partners who are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. And this is the most stringent standard in data security. This means you can rest assured that all of your banking information and data is securely encrypted and stored. In fact, we limit the personal information that's held on our servers to minimize the risk even further. And not even our employees have access to sensitive information such as account and routing numbers. 


For more information about your data security with Lighthouse, please contact us here or email us at

Lighthouse offers a free membership plan for landlords. That's right, spend more time doing the things you love and Lighthouse won't cost you a thing.

You'll get express rent collection which means you receive rent, deposit payments and late fees into your account in as little as 2-3 working days. What's more, on the Lighthouse app you can see the status of all your payments at a glance. Wondering about the status of your payments? At the touch of a button you can see which payments you've received.


But not only that. Lighthouse helps you plan your finances in advance too. So on your app you'll also be able to see any overdue payments, payments being processed and upcoming payments that you'll receive. As you can imagine, Lighthouse customers don't miss making all those tiresome reminder calls to renters.

Simply invite your tenants to download the convenient Lighthouse app, and they sign up in a couple of minutes.


Then your tenants quickly and securely pay their rent online, directly from their bank accounts. For maximum convenience they can select autopay, so they won't have to do a thing. You'll see that everything is efficient and transparent for your tenants and for you. 


When your renters use autopay it means there are no forgotten payments. And with the automatic rent notification service, they stay organized and on top of rent payments. They'll get two friendly reminder alerts each month before their rent is due. Then if any of your renters are late we send them automatic reminder alerts starting on the first day their payment is overdue.