Coverage Reimagined

Security Deposits are complicated. For everyone.
Let's simplify living by applying a modern alternative to an outdated liability

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How it works

Lighthouse insurance is a modern alternative to the outdated cash security deposit and is paid for 100% by the tenant. Simply select your coverage, invite your tenants, and move on to your next task knowing we’ve got you covered, guaranteed!

Personalized Onboarding

Our team takes “white-glove service” seriously. Sit back while we set things up for you to begin using, same-day.

Accelerated leasing

Custom coverage for every asset. Invite tenants with the click of a button and we’ll take over from there!

Make move-out predictable

Let us know what’s going on and get paid fast! No need to worry about returning refunds or writing off bad debt – Lighthouse keeps your business moving forward!

What our clients say

Move-in costs have gotten so high lately, I saved almost $3,000 by using Lighthouse! That’s money I can use to stay on top of bills or spend on my family.”
Danice J.Tenant
“Cash isn’t king anymore – time is. Not having to deal with deposits anymore has saved our team an enormous amount of time”
Chris B.Property Manager
“Deposits take me maybe 5 seconds total these days. Never going back!”
Lou M.Property Manager
“I get more coverage and less bad debt. My tenants prefer it and pay for it! Couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement!”
Shannon H.Property Manager

More than just coverage.

99% less admin work

99% less admin work

Coverage should be simple. Just invite your tenant – we’ll take care of the rest!

Reduced Liability

Reduced Liability

No more extra trust accounts, bad debt, or worrying about how to give deposits back within required time limits

Greater NOI

Greater NOI

Renters want convenience and affordability above all else. Fill vacancies faster by making things simpler.